• Golden Lattice Sew Along - Week 1

    Welcome to the Golden Lattice Sew Along! I am so excited to see all of our quilts slowly come together over the next 6 weeks. I have a few housekee...
  • Golden Lattice Sew Along

    The Golden Lattice Sew Along  starts on January 26th, and it is sure to be a great way to connect with other quilters.   Get the Pattern As a q...
  • Golden Lattice Quilt Pattern

    All the details on my original Golden Lattice quilts and inspiration for the design.
  • My Favorite Baby Quilt Pattern

    This free pattern is my go-to baby quilt pattern. It's quick, versatile, and makes the best baby quilt. I go through all my preferences for a baby quilt and extra tips for this pattern.
  • Natural Dye Journal

    My online natural dye journal. Use these pictures and notes to hep guide you on your natural dye journey.
  • How to Dye Fabric with Goldenrod

    Goldenrod is one of my favorite dye plants to find and use for dyeing fabric. In August and September, it fills fields and ditches everywhere in th...
  • The County Quilt Pattern

    Learn all about the County Quilt. Inspiration, directions for modifying the pattern, and lots of pictures to get you started.
  • My Favorite Resources for Natural Dyeing

    A small list of the best books and websites for learning how to dye fabric naturally with plant-based materials.
  • Scrappy Lines Quilt Along - Week 4

    Welcome to week 4 of the Scrappy Lines Quilt Along! This week we assemble our top!  Week 4: Assembling Your Top This week you will be sewing all o...
  • Scrappy Lines Quilt Along - Week 3

    Welcome to week 3 of the Scrappy Lines Quilt Along! Finally, this week we start to sew, and there will be a lot of it! Our goal this week is to sew...
  • Scrappy Lines Quilt Along - Week 2

    Welcome to week 2 of the Scrappy Lines Quilt Along! So, we have scoured our scrap bins, ordered fabric and chosen the fabrics that will likely make...
  • Scrappy Lines Quilt Along - Week 1

    Welcome to week 1 of the Scrappy Lines Quilt Along! I am so excited to have a wonderful group of sewists ready to tackle this pattern together. If ...