• The County Quilt Pattern

    Learn all about the County Quilt. Inspiration, directions for modifying the pattern, and lots of pictures to get you started.
  • My Favorite Resources for Natural Dyeing

    A small list of the best books and websites for learning how to dye fabric naturally with plant-based materials.
  • Scrappy Lines Quilt Along - Week 4

    Welcome to week 4 of the Scrappy Lines Quilt Along! This week we assemble our top!  Week 4: Assembling Your Top This week you will be sewing all o...
  • Scrappy Lines Quilt Along - Week 3

    Welcome to week 3 of the Scrappy Lines Quilt Along! Finally, this week we start to sew, and there will be a lot of it! Our goal this week is to sew...
  • Scrappy Lines Quilt Along - Week 2

    Welcome to week 2 of the Scrappy Lines Quilt Along! So, we have scoured our scrap bins, ordered fabric and chosen the fabrics that will likely make...
  • Scrappy Lines Quilt Along - Week 1

    Welcome to week 1 of the Scrappy Lines Quilt Along! I am so excited to have a wonderful group of sewists ready to tackle this pattern together. We ...
  • Scrappy Lines Quilt Along Details

      Hi quilty friends, I am so excited to be hosting my first quilt along! Join me as we clean out our scraps and make a scrappy lines quilt together...
  • Turn a Quilt into a Tree Skirt

    This tutorial goes over how to turn a square quilt pattern into a tree skirt by expanding on each side.
  • Natural Dye Variation: A Visual

    A collection of images depicting how I achieved multiple variations of color from seven different dye goods.
  • Quilt Block Canvas Tote

    Use this tutorial to make a simple tote bag from a quilt block.
  • Using Your Scraps

    Learn some creative ways to use your fabrics scraps and reduce waste. Blog includes a link to a PDF modern quilt pattern which will give your scraps a clean look.
  • Getting Started with Natural Dyes: Avocado Dye

    Dyeing with Avocado

    Start naturally dyeing with a simple tutorial.