Golden lattice Sew Along - Week 6

Welcome to the last week of the Golden Lattice Sew Along!

This week I am sharing some of the wonderful finished quilt tops made by myself and other quilters. I have identified each quilt by the quilter's Instagram handle.

Quilt by me, SideLakeStitch

Quilt by crafty_giraffe.

Quilt by mpokallus

Quilt by no.2_cheapsister

Quilt by erinsewsinco

Quilt by mlpagliai

Quilt by mrisha_ziegler

Quilt by kayrosestitches

Quilt by thepaintedbuntingstudio

 Quilt by stacknstitch


  • I’m having difficulty posting pictures. How where do you want them?

    Julie E.
  • Hello, this was a nice quilt a long. The only question I have is how do you post a picture?
    Thank you!

    Chris Carlsen

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