Natural Dye Along

Starting on May 4th, I will be teaching you the basics of natural dyeing. Each week, we will go over one step of the process and you will have a chance to try it on your own fabric. This is a great opportunity to learn some of the basics alongside an amazing group of makers.



I have been dyeing naturally for over 5 years, and I would still consider myself a beginner. There is so much to learn with natural dyeing, and it has taken so much reading, trial and error, and practice for me to get this far. If you find natural dyeing fascinating, but are intimidated by the process, I know we can manage this together in a dye along. Plus, you will have a great group of other beginners to grow with.

What do you need to do to participate?

Sign up and grab the guide below! By signing up you will be a part of the group receiving emails on our weekly goals and progress. 

The Beginner's Guide to Natural Dye is a comprehensive guide I made for you. It's a convenient way to have all the basics steps in one place that you will own forever. Think of this as the pattern for the dye along. You can find it HERE.

If you want supplies for the dye along to simplify the process, I have created some options for you. These include a mordanting kit (a necessary pre-dye step), prepared for dyeing fabric, and a dye kit that yields up to 8 different colors. 

If you have never dyed fabric before, your head is likely exploding right now. So, I've got a handy chart to help you decide what you would like to have for the dye along. I want to emphasize that you do not NEED any of this. I want everyone to feel included and have the opportunity to learn, so all you need to do is sign up. 

If you are ready to learn the magic of natural dye and actually dye some of your own fabric, follow this chart to help you decide what to purchase. 


Now that you better understand what I'm talking about with all this dyeing lingo, click the images below for more details and to purchase.

 Dye Along Schedule

Week 1 (May 4th - 10th) Choose fabric and scour - Information on sourcing fabrics for dyeing and how to scour, or clean, your fabrics to accept dye.

Week 2 (May 11th - 17th) Mordant fabric - How to pre-treat your fabric to accept dye. 

Week 3 (May 18th - 24th) Dyeing - The fun part! I'll go over some common dye sources to use and how to use them to dye your fabric. I'll also go over a couple post dye options for changing the color of your fabric.

Week 4 (May 25th - 31st) Conclusion - How to clean, store, and use your fabrics. Also, this will be a chance for all of us to share what we have made


There will be one grand prize. One participant who has shared progress of dyed fabric will be randomly selected to win a yet to be released Dye Kit 02!

Whew! That is sooo much information, but I want to make sure you are all prepared. I am really excited for this! I know you will also fall in love with the amazing art of natural dye. Of course, if you have questions or just want to tell me you are also excited, comment below or email me at



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