Golden Lattice Sew Along - Week 5

Whew, that was a lot of half square triangles! I think I don't need to trim anymore of those for at least a couple weeks now. 

You may be exhausted from all those HSTs, but this week, we get to see our blocks come together. Let the fun begin!

The goal of this week is to piece your blocks together. Take the diamonds in a square from week 3 and the half square triangle strips from week 4, sew them all together, and you've got yourself a block. There's a little bit more information in the pattern, but I think you've all got this part. Remember that half of the squares in your quilt are just plain background blocks. If you haven't cut those yet, make sure to do that for next week. Next week, we will sew all of our blocks together into a finished quilt!

I only have one tip for you this week. Before I get to that, just a reminder, to check your emails and take advantage of the longarm quilting discounts the next couple weeks. I can't wait to see all of your finished blocks. Some of you are ahead of us, and your blocks are amazing!

Sewing Tips

1. My only tip this week is to nest your seams. Nesting your seams just means that when you have two seams that you want to match perfectly, the seam on one piece will go one direction while the other seam goes the opposite. When you sew on your first HST strips to your middle square, press the seam toward the square. Before you sew the longer HST strips to your piece, press the seam between your HSTs and square on the end toward the end square. This way, when you go to match up the corners on your HSTs, the seams will nest and give you perfect alignment.



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