Natural Dye Journal

Whether you are just starting your journey with natural dyeing or an expert, one of the most valuable tools is to keep a dye journal. Your dye journal is where you keep samples from each project with notes. This looks different for everyone. I have tried several different ways of documenting my progress - notebooks, small journals, and most recently, a binder with cardstock paper. I include a small sample from a recently dyed fabric with my scribbles detailing the process and materials. My notes can be brief- just the material used, or they can be more extensive - the weight of material, the mordanting process, anything I noticed or need to change for next time, and the fabric. It doesn't matter what this looks like, it only matters that it can help you to improve your dye process and learn more.

I'm trying out a new naturally dyed journal here. I will continually be updating this blog post with photos of my hand dyed fabric, including the dye materials used. My hope is this will continue to help me keep track of my dye process, but also help you. Use these images to see the different colors that are possible with plant based materials.

If you want to try natural dyeing, but do not know where to start, I have two resources for you. First, download this infographic: 5 Simple Steps to Natural Dye.



Second, check out this blog detailing my favorite resources for natural dyeing. These are the resources that helped me get to where I am today.

Natural Dye Journal


Here is an example of how I keep track of dye progress in paper format. This piece of cardstock is placed in a 3 ring binder along with other samples. Something to note in this example is the strength of color on linen in comparison to cotton.

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