• How to Dye Fabric with Goldenrod

    Goldenrod is one of my favorite dye plants to find and use for dyeing fabric. In August and September, it fills fields and ditches everywhere in th...
  • The County Quilt Pattern

    Learn all about the County Quilt. Inspiration, directions for modifying the pattern, and lots of pictures to get you started.
  • My Favorite Resources for Natural Dyeing

    A small list of the best books and websites for learning how to dye fabric naturally with plant-based materials.
  • Scrappy Lines Quilt Along - Week 4

    Welcome to week 4 of the Scrappy Lines Quilt Along! This week we assemble our top!  If you need to catch up on this virtual sew along, here are the...
  • Scrappy Lines Quilt Along - Week 3

    Welcome to week 3 of the Scrappy Lines Quilt Along! Finally, this week we start to sew, and there will be a lot of it! Our goal this week is to sew...
  • Scrappy Lines Quilt Along - Week 2

    Welcome to week 2 of the Scrappy Lines Quilt Along! So, we have scoured our scrap bins, ordered fabric and chosen the fabrics that will likely make...
  • Scrappy Lines Quilt Along - Week 1

    Welcome to week 1 of the Scrappy Lines Quilt Along! This quilt along took place in 2021, but all of the blog posts can be used to follow along at y...
  • Scrappy Lines Quilt Along

     Hi quilty friends! I am so excited to be hosting this quilt along! Join me as we clean out our scraps and make a scrappy lines quilt together. If ...
  • Turn a Quilt into a Tree Skirt

    This tutorial goes over how to turn a square quilt pattern into a tree skirt by expanding on each side.
  • Natural Dye Variation: A Visual

    A collection of images depicting how I achieved multiple variations of color from seven different dye goods.
  • Quilt Block Canvas Tote

    Use this tutorial to make a simple tote bag from a quilt block.
  • Using Your Scraps

    Learn some creative ways to use your fabrics scraps and reduce waste. Blog includes a link to a PDF modern quilt pattern which will give your scraps a clean look.