How to Make a Matching Baby Quilt to the Adventureland Quilt

Are you making the Adventureland Quilt by Suzy Quilts? Don't waste any of the excess fabric. Instead, make a matching baby quilt. I'll show you how I made mine in this post.

My Naturally Dyed Adventureland Quilt

For the release of the Adventureland quilt pattern, I created a colorway of 10 fabrics all dyed by hand with the use of plant materials. If you are not familiar with natural dyes, it is a way of dyeing fabric without synthetic materials. The color and feel created by natural dyes is mesmerizing. The color shifts and blends in ways that are quite unexplainable. The fabric has a sturdier hand than before dyeing which I think sews up perfectly in a quilt. This bundle is dyed with indigo, cutch, wattle, pomegranate rinds, and onion skins. You can get your own bundle HERE.

Making a Matching Baby Quilt

The Adventureland quilt pattern is an extremely efficient use of fabric. Since your fabric stays in strips, it not only comes together quickly, but there is so little waste. When sewing with natural dyes, I am especially careful not to waste any fabric as it is so valuable. While making the throw quilt, each quadrant requires you to trim off a triangle of already pieced strips. If this sounds confusing, don't fret, it is very clear in the pattern. After cutting this triangle piece from each quadrant, I sewed them into a baby quilt with a very similar design to the original.


Steps to Make a baby Quilt

1. Trim all of your leftover triangles to the same size. I did this by simply layering the triangles on top of each other and finding the smallest one. I used the smallest triangle as my example. I placed this triangle on top of the other ones, matching up edges and corners when possible. I trimmed the larger triangles to all match the smallest triangle. 

2. Match up two triangles as shown below and sew along the edge. Press the seams open. Repeat with the two remaining triangles.

3. Sew these two pieces together as shown below. Press your seams open. At this point, you should have a square that is around 27" x 27". 

4. To make this quilt a bit larger, simply cut 4 strips of fabric that are 3" x WOF. You can adjust this width to be smaller or larger. Sew two of the 3" strips onto the left and right sides of the quilt, followed by the top and bottom of the quilt.

And, that's it! It almost doesn't seem fair to make a baby quilt so quickly.


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