Golden Lattice Sew Along

The Golden Lattice Sew Along  has finished, but you can follow the six blog posts at anytime to make your own quilt.

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As a quilter, I often find myself sewing alone and having only myself to hold accountable, ponder fabric choices, and applaud the finished quilt. I've learned over time that a sew along is a great way to connect with other quilters, make friends, and, of course, there are fun prizes involved!

Let's get to the details. I lay out the schedule and prizes below. To be a part of the sew along, all you need to do is sign up and get the pattern. Once you sign up, you will receive weekly emails (starting January 26th) on all the sew along details. Emails will be good reminders to keep up with the schedule and share your progress. I'll also be linking to blog posts to guide you through the process of the golden lattice quilt.

Get the Pattern


Up first, let's talk schedule. The sew along will last 6 weeks. This should be a nice pace that is not overwhelming, even for a beginner. The plan is to break down the blocks into 3 weeks (weeks 3,4,5). We will work on all the blocks at the same time by completing one part of each block every week. If you are used to completing a full block followed by another full block, this may be a bit different. However, I find this process to be easier and more manageable when making a quilt. Here is the breakdown.

Week 1 - Choose fabrics

Week 2 - Cut fabric

Week 3 - Make diamond in the square blocks

Week 4 - Make HSTs and HST strips

Week 5 - Complete blocks

Week 6 - Sew blocks together




I have so many amazing sponsors for you. I approached this a bit different than previous sew alongs. You see, I never win giveaways or weekly prizes; I mean never. They have lost some of their luster for me. Also, I have gotten to know so many of the wonderful small businesses that make up the quilting community. They are hard working families or just one person putting in all the extra time to give us the goods. This time, I decided I didn't want to ask for a free product, and I wanted to make sure everyone participating in the sew along got something. As it worked out, some small businesses wanted to offer a free prize anyway, so there's just a whole lotta amazingness in this list!

Week 1 - Exclusive coupons from Rosie Girl Quilting, Alexandra Bordallo, and Modish Quilter

Prize - Fabric bundle from Kristen at Mashe Modern and illustrated calendar from Alexandra Bordallo

Week 2 - Exclusive coupons from Lamb & Loom Fabrics and Pasadena Quilt Studio

Prize - Oliso mini iron and ironing board cover

Week 3 - Exclusive coupons from Modern American Vintage and Joy in Stitches 

Prize - $50 gift card from Pasadena Quilt Studio

Week 4 - Exclusive coupons from MB Custom Wood Art, Bessie Pearl, and Little Stitch TX

Prize - 2 quilt patterns from Folkway Studio and a gift card to Thai Charm LLC

Week 5 - Exclusive coupons for long arm quilting from Kiss My Stash, The Dogeared Quilt, and The Quilting Introvert, and Thai Charm LLC

Prize - Naturally dyed fabric bundle from me and $25 gift card to Quilt Pattern Mart.

Week 6 - Exclusive coupons for long arm quilting from Made BeaYOUtiful Studios, Mashe Modern, Beach Girl Quilting, and Rosie Girl Quilting

Prize - Free long arm quilting from Rosie Girl Quilting and Beach Girl Quilting

I'm excited; who else is excited?! I have been wanting to make another version of the Golden Lattice quilt, and what better way then doing it with all of you.

And, one more thing. If you haven't participated in a sew along before and you are wondering if you will have time to finish, don't sweat it. You can move at your own pace when life gets busy, but still be able to access all the emails and blog posts when you are ready. 

If you have questions, feel free to send me an email at

Now, I'm off to ponder and ponder some more what fabric I will be using for the sew along!




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  • I’m so excited to see this sew along! I loved your version the moment I saw it last Fall…bought the pattern AND fabric (same color) and now I’m really going to own it! Thank you for doing this!

    Shelley Kohler

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