Golden Lattice Sew Along - Week 3

This week, we get to actually sew something!

The goal of this week is to sew the diamond in the square with the border pieces. In the pattern, these are steps 4-6. You will do these steps for all of the pieced blocks in your quilt. I am making a large throw, so I will be making 21 of these blocks this week. I'm going to share some tips followed by a step by step in pictures.

Sewing Tips

1. Start by sewing just one block and measuring it. The diamond in the square before you add the border pieces (B and C) should measure 4.5". This does not allow for too much wiggle room. If you are measuring under, try using a scant 1/4" seam allowance instead.

2. Don't tug and distort piece A after you have cut it on the diagonal. When sewing it with your diamond, do not pull on it. Press your seams, but do not iron them. Ironing your seams means you are moving the iron back and forth and stretching the fabric. Just press. This will keep your square from getting all out of shape.

3. Pin your triangles onto the square. You want the fabric hanging over each corner to be the same. You will see below, that when I place one triangle on and flip to the back, there is the same amount of my background fabric on each side of the diamond. Get this amount correct and then pin.

4. Once you have just the diamond in the square without your border, measure and trim. When trimming, you want to align your ruler over your piece so the line for 2.25"  goes through the points of your diamond. Match this line up on your diamond vertically and horizontally. This ensures that your diamond is centered and straight in your square. Trim off dog ears and any excess. 

5. If you measure under 4.5" on your diamond in the square, adjust to use a scant 1/4" on your next one. For this one that is small, use a scant 1/4" when sewing on your border pieces (B and C).

Ok! Those are my tips for this week. Make sure you check your email for weekly coupons, prizes, and the prompt for sharing. Please keep sharing your progress on social media or directly with me; I love seeing these!

Below, you can follow my step by step process for making the blocks for this week.


  • What nice tips!! I have got them almost completed for week 3!

    Chris Carlsen
  • The diamond in the square (piece G) should measure 4.5, but in the pdf pattern it says to cut out 40 3.25″×3.25″. Which one is correct? And what do I do if I’ve already cut out 40 squares that are 3.25×3.25?

  • Dumb question, but if I am not using accent fabrics, do I need to add the amount that is listed in the pattern under fat quarters to the rest of the fabric required, so that I don’t come up short?


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