Scrappy Lines Quilt Along - Week 1

Welcome to week 1 of the Scrappy Lines Quilt Along!
This quilt along took place in 2021, but all of the blog posts can be used to follow along at your own pace at anytime. Use these four blog posts for tips, tricks, and inspiration!

Scrappy Lines Pattern

Week 1: Choosing & Prepping Fabric

This week is all about fabric selection. First, let's talk size. You have many options for what kind of fabric to use. If your scrap bins are overflowing, you'll likely be using some small pieces. You can also use yardage if you want to get more specific with your fabric choices. Fat quarters, jelly rolls, charm packs, and jolly bars are all good options. While the accent strips are 1.5" wide, if you want to use 2.5" wide strips from a jelly roll, I will discuss altering the pattern for wider accent strips next week. If you have a bit of several size options, I think that is a great choice also. Using all small scraps can become tedious, so throwing in a 1/4 yard strip or fat quarter is a good idea. My scraps range in size from 2" x 5" to 1/4 yard strips.

Next, you'll want to consider the color and pattern of your fabrics. I am using mostly solids with a few low volume prints mixed in. So far, I have chosen a light greyish blue for a background. I really want to use white, but I am making this for my four-year old, so white is probably not the best. As for accent colors, I have a very rough idea for a color theme. In an attempt to branch out from my usual selection of dusty and muted colors, I am going for classic colors a bit on the bright side. You can see below a checked shirting fabric I used for inspiration. If you are struggling to decide, find a printed fabric or picture online that catches your eye and use it as your color inspiration.

This pattern has a lot of accent strips in it. Using an abundance of variety works well for that reason. Usually I spend way too much time picking and rethinking fabrics for a quilt. Don't stress about it with this one. I suggest collecting ones you like to begin, and as you cut out your accent strips, you can remove any pieces from the cutting pile that you feel don't seem to fit. With my first scrappy lines quilt, all scraps in my bin started in the quilt. I eventually removed white, black and really bright colors from the pile, but I didn't worry about how the other colors complimented each other. This is only week 1, so if you are not sure, you have time to think it over. Remember to get your background fabric this week also, especially if you will need to wait for it to be delivered.

Last thing, you may need to prep your fabric this week. If you are using scraps and your scrap bin looks like mine, those scraps need to be ironed. It will save you time next week if your scraps lay flat, perfect for cutting.

Week 1 Prize

The prize this week is from The Grey Finch Company. I will randomly select one of you from the pictures posted this week to receive a $25 gift certificate. All you need to do is post a picture on Instagram of your fabric. Use the hashtag #scrappylinesqal and tag me. If your account is closed, you can still be in the running for prizes by emailing or direct messaging me a picture.

I can't wait to see your fabric selections this week. If you have any questions, please email me. I'm always happy to help.

Happy Sewing,



  • Leta,
    It sounds like you have been very busy in the past 1 1/2 years! I am so glad you have joined the qal.

  • This is my first qal. I started quilting 1 1/2 years ago when we were expecting our 1st grandchild. I have made 9 quilts total, 3 of those being baby quilts. I am looking forward to learning as we go through the qal.

    Leta Cruse

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