The County Quilt Pattern

The County Quilt pattern is only my second quilt pattern I released, but one of my favorites. This block based pattern comes together with yardage or fat quarters to make a lovely repeating design. Designs like this I find to be so versatile. The quilt looks amazing with all solids, all prints, or a mix of both. It can be made scrappy or not. The design lends to so many options. My first version I made combined bold and soft colors perfect for fall.

Grab the pattern here

The inspiration for this quilt came from classic block designs. I tend to lean more modern with my patterns, but I wanted to stretch myself to modify a traditional block into a modern design. As I was sketching out some possible designs on a drive with my family one day, this one came together just right. At the time, my husband and I were discussing the geological and cultural differences between counties in our states. Hence, the name county quilt! 

Click below to get the pattern. 

Modifying the Pattern

After making a couple versions, I decided to try something a little different. In my newest version, I decreased the size of the second set of diamonds which come together when the blocks are pieced. You can see, below, the white triangles are smaller than in the original version. If you would like to make the county quilt like this, you will only need to make one modification in the pattern. For Fabric F, use 2.5" squares. That's it! It is surprising how one little piece can change the entire quilt.


Now enjoy some County Quilt inspiration! All of these featured quilts are made by me or quilt pattern testers. I have linked each quilt pattern tester's Instagram and website, if applicable.



Baby quilt made by me with one of my favorite fabric collections - Alma.

Pillow made by me with fabric I naturally dyed.

Baby quilt by Mary from AzCo Quilting.

Nuria from Fabric Stork made this lovely version. Take a look at her shop for more beautiful fabrics.

Baby quilt by Kasie of Marmalade Mood Quilts. You can visit her amazing fabric shop here.

A scrappy version by Nicole at Nicole Hope Design.

Stephanie from Hillside Stitches put together this amazing green county quilt.

A holiday baby quilt by Lani of Juniper and Elm Quilts.

Another amazing holiday quilt by e_makes_it.

 One more look of the original county quilt by me.

I hope you find joy in making your own County Quilt.


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