Hi! I am Bess Casey Wilke, the owner of Side Lake Stitch. At Side Lake Stitch, I design modern quilt patterns, naturally dye fabric for sale, and provide educational content for those learning to sew or dye naturally. 

I have always loved to create with my hands. I can remember borrowing my dad’s saw as a child and sawing boards in hopes I could make something. When I began sewing in my early twenties as a small hobby, I just couldn’t stop. I have immersed myself in pattern design, sewing techniques, and creating colors from nature, and I have truley found a passion.

In my journey, I have relied on so many before me and their expertise in sewing and natural dyeing. I am so thankful for this. I provide educational tutorials and quilt patterns to guide others who have also found a creative passion for sewing. My naturally dyed fabrics make it possible for other quilters to create a unique, heirloom piece like no other. I love giving the gift of these wonders to others.

If you are looking for modern quilt patterns, naturally dyed fabric for your next project, or to grow your knowledge in skill in these areas, you have found the right place. After years and years of practicing and perfecting my passion, I am offering it to you in my products and education.

You can access my shop or blog from here to see my quilt patterns, fabric, and educational resources. I love to hear from other like-minded individuals, so please send me an email at sidelakestitch@gmail.com and tell me what you are crafting and how I can help you grow in your journey for sewing.

Thank you for being here.